The Floss + Oil Method: Removing your Jams with no chemicals or damage!

It seems we give nail polish and nail salons a free-pass on chemicals, and I’m not sure why. I mean, smell the stuff…that can’t be meant to go on your body, am I right?

Jamberry nail wraps don’t have to be used with chemicals.  You probably use rubbing alcohol to prep your nail bed and if you really want to, acetone to soak your nail wraps for removal… but I never like the way my fingers feel even after removing nail polish with acetone, so I just can’t imagine soaking them in it.

Thankfully, you don’t have to use chemicals to easily and safely remove your jams!  You can do the entire process naturally, with ingredients I’ll bet you have on hand.

What you need:

•  Dental floss pick (the dollar store has these)
•  Any cooking oil
•  Bowl for oil
•  Mini-heater, hair dryer, rice baggie, or any other heat sources.
So lets do this!

Step 1:  Heat your Nails

Grab your heat source, and get your nails nice and warm.  You may have noticed that you can re-set your jams using heat throughout the life of their application.  Heat gets them pliable and ready to move if you want them to.  So heat those nails up…it’ll make removing them way easier.

photo 3

photo 2 This is the Jamberry Mini-Heater.

photo 4

Its nice because you can work hands-free. But a blow-dryer or any other heat source will work too!

Step 2:  Break the Seal

The reason your Jams don’t fall off when you wash dishes, is because you created a great water-tight seal when you applied them. But aside from what you might think, breaking the seal is pretty easy, especially after heating your nail like you just did.  So, take your fingernail, and work it around the edge of your jams. Don’t peel a lot, just get a little lifting.  See the pictures below.

photo 2photo 1photo 4

Step 3:  The Fun Part, Removal!

Now take your little bowl and pour your oil of choice into it.  Take your floss-pick, and dip the floss in the oil.  Working from cuticle to tips applying firm pressure, work the floss underneath the jam.  You should be slow, firm, and gentle.  And it should come right off!

photo 1photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 3photo 5photo 4photo 1

I like to kind of wiggle it back and forth with slow, gentle pressure.

If it is being difficult (it should NEVER feel like you’re forcing it or ripping it up), apply more oil and more heat.  But it probably won’t be difficult.

Now your nails should look something like this!

photo 5photo 3

Oily, clean, and damage-free!  Now give your cuticles the special treatment and massage them with that oil.  =)

Questions?  Other ideas?  Let me know in the comments!

(And as always, feel free to share this with your friends, or use in your own parties)

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