These things might be ruining your (otherwise perfect) Jamberry Nail Wraps application

You may have seen some of this info before, but its worth repeating!  These are common problems that will mess up your application… and how to avoid them!

1.  Finger oil.  That’s right, your fingers are oily, because they are covered in skin (trust me, this is a good thing).  If you have been handling your Jamberry nail wraps with your fingers, you might try tweezers or using an orange stick.  Reason being, a sticker gets less sticky when it touches oil… so prevent that.  Also, I like to wipe down each nail AGAIN right before applying the wrap.

Pro tip:  wash your hands with dawn soap before applying, just to get extra oil out of your skin.

2.  Invisible Cuticles.  We’ve touched on this in a few blog posts already, but I can’t harp on it enough.  These pesky little invisible cuticles are Jamberry home wreckers, but its a pretty simple solution once you know about them!  Cuticles can grow over your entire nail bed… but as we know, Jamberry adheres to NAIL, not to skin (which is what cuticles are)!  Therefore, you MUST get rid of the ones that grow on your entire nail! You can use a cuticle remover (like this one) or soak your nails in warm water and scrape up with an orange stick or spoon pusher… just remember to be gentle to your precious hands!

Could this be your problem?  Well…people who have invisible cuticles often complain that they apply their jams and they look perfect, but then a few hours later or the next day they wake up and there are bubbles around the edges.  

See that little layer there?   Invisible cuticles.  Be sure to take care of that if you can!

See that little layer there? Invisible cuticles. But this is a really obvious case, yours might be more subtle.

3. Picking the Wrong Size Wraps.  That’s right…size matters.  And smaller is better.  When sizing wraps to your fingers, err on the side of too small than too big.  When your wraps are too big, they overlap cuticles and don’t have room to spread out on your nail.  It’s easy to get bubbles in that scenario.  It is way better to have little slivers of nail bed showing on the sides!

Here’s a pic of a beautiful application!

See this?  Perfect.

See this? Perfect. And doesn’t my friend Rachel have lovely nails?!

4.  Going swimming right after applying (or similar activities). That’s right… well here’s what’s going on.  When you apply jams, you are creating a water-tight, oil-tight seal.  However, it takes a few hours for the wraps to set all the way.  Your Jamberry Nail wraps will handle swimming and cooking and dishes and whatever you want them to just fine, but they only request that you give them a few hours (or a good night’s sleep) to settle before doing these heavy-duty activities.

Pro tip:  Put your jams on before bed.  When you wake up, voila!  They are ready to face ANYTHING!

What has ruined your Jamicure?  And what do you do to keep it looking lovely?

26 thoughts on “These things might be ruining your (otherwise perfect) Jamberry Nail Wraps application

    • Jess says:

      Hey Cheyanne! What removal method are you using? If you haven’t tried it yet, soaking in acetone could really help. I’m not a fan of using the chemicals, but it might be the best option if your nails are peeling. Let me know!

    • Sara says:

      I use water and olive oil, heat in the microwave for about 15-30 sec (whatever you can handle) and soak your nails. I try to lift the edges after 30 sec of soaking and that really helps to break up the adhesive. Plus it’s excellent for your nails and hands!!

      • Jess says:

        That’s a great method, since you’re combining heat with oil. I’m sure the water helps too in its own way. Thanks for sharing =D

  1. Beth adamik says:

    Coconut oil is my favorite go to in getting the Jams off and they don’t peel or crack at all. And the coconut oil is great for your nails as a conditioner and keeps your cuticle healthy too!!!!

    • Jess says:

      100% agree! If it weren’t so pricy, I’d stock up on Almond oil for removal for that same reason, that its such a good conditioner to those cuticles.

  2. Andrea S. says:

    I just found your blog from searching on Google because for the life of me I can’t get these things to stay on my nails. I have tried every method suggested (rice bags, baggies, clipping vs. filing, base coat, washing with Dawn, buffing, alcohol wipe, glass file, invisible cuticle removal) and yet within 2-3 days after application they are starting to lift. I probably have oily nail beds and invisible cuticles, and I have tried to eliminate those issues as well, but there is no way I get even close to the 14 days with my Jams. I also emailed Jamberry directly, but they weren’t very helpful. I want to love these so badly, but I can’t until I can get them to last. Rough edges and lifting at the tips are my nemesis.

    • Jess says:

      Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear about all these frustrations! Sounds like you’ve been through the ringer trying to make these little vinyl wraps work wonders.

      The best thing I can think of to tell you, since you’ve tried so many things…well, there’s two:

      1. HEAT HEAT HEAT those wraps and let cool completely before you touch those tips with a file.

      2. SIZE. This is probably most important, to size the wraps a bit smaller than you think you need to. Its actually ideal to have a little sliver of nail showing on each side.

      I’d be happy to go further in depth with you, just shoot me an email at enjoyingjams at gmail dot com, and include some pics of your nails.

    • LiFe & nAiLs says:

      Try brushing some 5 second nail glue (found at walmart) on the tips after application. This worked wonders for me and made my Jamicure feel super strong, stopped lifting and took care of any rough edges I missed during application. Reapply whenever you feel the need.

    • Ashley says:

      Hi Amber, That drives me crazy too. Here are a couple tips that I’ve found work for me.

      Definitely do all the prep work as mentioned above. Get rid of invisible cuticle, wash with dawn soap to remove oils, and wipe with alcohol twice with the second time being right before you warm your wrap to apply.

      Pressure! When applying the wrap, place it where you want it and press down in the middle first then press from the middle to the edges and over the tip. Use a lot of pressure.

      My favorite new tip that I just learned is to heat up a metal nail spoon pusher then apply more pressure on the wrap, focusing more on the edges and the tip. This works so well! It’s like ironing the wrap onto your nail and creating a great seal. Here’s a video to show the method. I bought my pusher tool at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I think you can find then at Target or Walgreens too. Get the wide spoon.
      Hope this helps!

  3. Lisa S says:

    Andrea, my mother in law also has oily nail beds. She wouldn’t even paint her nails because it would only last a day. She didn’t think that Jams would work for her but I did my research! Before applying soak your nails for 1 minute in a glass of warm black tea with a drop of dawn. Something about this dries out the nails. Then wipe with alcohol And apply as normal. Tried this on my mother in law and she’s had them on for 12 days!

  4. Meg The Clever Disney Diva says:

    Any advice on how to remove the adhesive from cloth? I saw on a bunch of wrap trimmings (at a Jamberry party), and they are adhered to the seat of my good Lands end washable pants. I tried applying oil, and letting it soak in overnight, but the adhesive won’t budge. Any tips?

    • Jess says:

      Ok…that is a seriously tricky one. I wouldn’t have the guts to apply oil to the garment, did it leave a stain? I’m not sure what this would do to the quality of your clothes, so proceed at your own risk, but maybe acetone and a toothbrush? This really isn’t my realm of expertise!

    • Reese says:

      Since the adhesive is active when it’s warm (taking it off and applying) I would hear them in the dryer by itself then try taking it off slowly.

  5. Kristi Bizer says:

    Spray the area with OFF bug spray. Rub it in a bit and let sit. Wash as normal. I know this sounds strange but it took pine pitch out of a new pair of shorts that I had and no stains.

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