Back for Black: Everything you need to know about Black Friday, Jamberry Nail Wraps, and Unicorns!

Jamberry is quickly gaining popularity, and as it does, an interesting phenomena is developing:  THE ELUSIVE SEARCH FOR THE JAMBERRY UNICORN.


Are you thinking, “Ok, what?  That made no sense.” Well, dear reader, read on!

The Origin of the Jamberry Unicorn
As you may know, Jamberry retires 40% of its catalogue every six months, to make room for more designs. There are hundreds of designs that are no longer available, but still totally desirable!  And in addition to the regular retired patterns, each month Jamberry releases a new “Hostess Exclusive” wrap that can only be earned through hosting parties, and a “Sister Style Exclusive” wrap that is only available for purchase for 1 month.



sse all 2Enter the Jamberry Unicorn!  Any retired or hard-to-find wrap is considered a Unicorn.  And its all up to personal taste and how rare the wrap is. Ladies who love their jams trade them like baseball cards in Jamberry trading groups.  Its seriously addicting, and some designs are SO sought after, they go for $45+ on eBay.   Which is bizarre, who would pay $45 for a mani pedi?  Oh, that’s right, everyone who doesn’t use Jamberry!  But I digress…

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 1.50.02 PM

That’s just disgusting. $45??


Jamberry is catching onto this trend, so this year they are bringing back 12 months of Sister Style Exclusives!  They will be available for purchase from Black Friday, November 28 until Cyber Monday, December 1st.

back for black

Even better, on Black Friday only, orders totaling $50 or more will receive a BONUS BLACK FRIDAY WRAP!  

black friday exclusive

This is going to be so pretty!!!

And even better-er, a portion of all Back for Black sales (this means any Sister Style Exclusive wrap) will be donated to Salvation army to help provide gifts for children in need.  On Giving Tuesday, December 2nd, Jamberry will announce how much was donated!

giving tuesday

So that’s basically all the details!  For images of the wraps they are bringing back for black, scroll on down.


October – Ripped from the Runway (Matte) 
SSE 12

November – Popstar 

December – Fire & Ice (Metallic) 

January – Here’s to 14

February – Modern Chic (Matte & There’s More) 
SSE 10

March – Tribal Vibrance 
SSE 13

April – Psychedelic Style 
SSE 11

May – Flutter By (There’s More)

June – Born to Sparkle (Sparkle & There’s More) 

July – Art Class

August – Alphabet City (Sparkle) 

September – Check it Out 

Already have a Jamberry consultant?  Please buy your wraps from her!  But if you don’t have a consultant, check out my black friday sale!

Also, I’m offering custom “opportunity consultations” to anyone who is curious about the business opportunity.  We can chat on the phone, Skype, or over email about the Jamberry business and if it might be a blessing in your life.  Reach out at!

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  1. Bonni says:

    Whaaaaaaaat?! This is amazing news, all of it! I already have my purchases planned. :-) Can’t wait for the party with you, Jess. <3

    • Jess says:

      Hehe! I am pretty stoked for it, too.

      HEY! IF ANYONE CAN SEE THIS, I’m doing facebook parties and comment or message me ( and we can set one up.

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