Best Jamberry 2015 Black Friday Deal – How to get up to 3 FREE wraps with a $50 order!

I love Black Friday.  As a super-frugal budgety person, its one of those rare times that I can feel awesome about spending money (because hey, if I would have bought and budgeted for it anyway, why not get a huge discount)!

To pay it forward, I’m offering a SPECIAL.  You may have read my post explaining the Black Friday specials, but I’m offering my own, in addition to what Jamberry is offering.

For every Buy 3 Get 1 Free order, I will throw in AN ADDITIONAL FREE SHEET OF WRAPS (shipped separately, from me, with a hand-written note).  If you are ordering more than $50, you will be getting a total of 3 free wraps…one is your regular free wrap (from the buy 3 get 1 free), one is the Black Friday Only Exclusive, and one is from me!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.15.30 PMOR…….. if you’re ready to invest in your TRUSHINE Gel System, email me at [enjoyingjams at gmail dot com], and I will message you my special deal!

How to redeem?

  1.  Go to
  2.  Put 4 wraps or more in your cart.  Your 4th wrap will be free.  If you want the free Jamberry bonus wrap, be sure to order over $50 before shipping and tax.  And if you want free shipping, order $75 or more. 
  3.  At checkout, select “ENJOYING JAMS BLOG” as your party!  I will email you about your free wrap (which you will receive, along with a handwritten note from me!)

Don’t miss out!!

drift awayEmail me at if you have any questions!  I’ll be checking in throughout the day!!

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