Jamberry Stylebox: Finally Worth the Money.

Jamberry Nails finally convinced me that I need to sign up for Stylebox.  I had been holding out since they released the program in August, and I actually started regretting that I didn’t own those wraps each month.  As a result, I started trading wraps from my precious stash to get my hands on these style box wraps.  In December, I caved and bought myself a 6 month subscription.

November’s stylebox was the one that caught my attention.  Vintage Vixen.  1920’s.  Half Moon.  Red and blush.  Twiggy.


Because I don’t have pics of my own to share (sniff sniff), look at this fellow Jamberry blogger’s photos!

vintage vixen 1 vintage vixen 2

Wait, have you heard of Stylebox?  It’s Jamberry’s subscription program.  You sign up, and every month they send you $30+ worth of nail stuff for $25 or less, shipped.  There is always at least one exclusive wrap, and it seems to get better and better and better every month.  That’s why I finally signed up.  I started regretting not having it!

When December’s came out, I was rendered helpless and signed up on the spot.  It was a copper lacquer paired with a black-on-clear patterned wrap.

I don’t want to hurt you and make you regret the past, but here’s what you missed…


This month, it got even better, because it features 2 CUSTOM WRAPS AND LIPSTICK.  (What?  Lipstick?  I thought they just sold nail wraps… ) Well, you heard me!  Jamberry lipstick.  Just accept it, because its great stuff.  I know because I’m wearing it, right now, as I sit on my couch wearing wool socks and a fleece-lined flannel next to my handsome husband as we binge on ice cream before we start a whole 30 tomorrow…but that’s another story.

Here’s the video that explains this month’s stylebox! 

Like I said, really cute.

Here’s a closer look.


I love the ombre sparkle.  Tons.  And the “There’s More” pattern can be worn SO many different ways, as you see in the video.  Did you watch the video?  Watch the video!!

Here’s the lipstick.  Before and after…and during.

O U R   E S C A P E

And finally, my favorite part?

THE OMBRE MATCHES ROSE GOLD SPARKLE. I know, because I’m wearing it in this photo.


So, that’s all I know about the Stylebox.  If you’re on the fence, I think its safe to go for it now.  It’s been consistently amazing for 3 months now.  And so many other people want the wraps, you can always trade them away.  They become collectors items almost immediately.  Plus, the value for the price?  $25/mo gets you $30+ of nail products with free shipping.  And if you buy it using my special promotion you can get a few extra sheets of wraps, just because I’m grateful for you.

Any questions?  Shoot me an email at enjoyingjams at gmail dot com, or comment below.  I’ll be around =D

Chic in Pink

As always, if you already have a consultant, please buy from her.  But if you’re looking, I’d be so honored to be your girl!  Shoot me a message and let’s get this Jamberry fun started.

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