Who Needs a Jamberry Coupon Code: All About the Jamberry Discount and Jamberry Pay

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re surrounded by Jamberry consultants.  You’re invited to Jamberry parties on Facebook 2-3 times a week, you’ve had friends private message you and hit you up to host parties, or ask if they can send you samples (which you tried and loved, I’m sure).  And then you wondered, “how much do they really make?!”


Maybe you’re considering signing up, but want to do your research first.   I don’t blame you… I sure did my research.  Or, maybe you’re just looking for a way to get a really awesome discount on Jamberry!  If that’s the case, click here! 

So in this blog post, I’m going to explain behind the scenes compensation details of being a Jamberry consultant, and some of the perks!

The Jamberry Discount

So how much is it?  The answer depends on how much you sell, but it never, ever goes below 30% of sales.  

That’s your base commission, and its guaranteed as long as you are a consultant. For example, in some direct sales businesses, there is a minimum quarterly purchase you must make to keep your discount.  That’s not the case with Jamberry – you can order at 30% off whenever you want.  The only requirement is that you sell $600 a year to stay a consultant (which is easy peasy).

Jamberry Discount, Jamberry Consultant Pay

BUT WAIT, Jess… you said it never goes below 30%.  Can it increase?

Why yes, it can!  The more you sell, the higher your commission. Once you sell $200 in a month, you are getting 33% instead of 30%.  Once you sell $500 in a month, you get 35% instead of 30% that month.  If you break $1500, it jumps to 38% commission, and if you bump up to $3000 (whoa baby!) you get 40% commission on that amount.

So really, the Jamberry Discount and Commission is usually higher than 30%, if the consultant is selling much at all.

Jamberry Pay

The Jamberry compensation plan goes much further than just the Jamberry discount.  Consultants earn more money when:

  1.  They promote to a new rank

  2.  Team members promote to certain ranks

  3.  Team members sell

That is a very basic explanation, and if you’d like to find out more, you can read the compensation plan, or email me at enjoying jams at gmail dot com (or comment below).  I’ll answer all your questions.

My Opinion

From my experience, it is possible to make money with Jamberry that is worth the effort you put in.  I started as a Jamberry consultant in June of 2014, and two months later moved with my husband from Orange County, CA to Columbia, Missouri so he could get his PhD in Philosophy.  This meant quitting my day job.  I’m so blessed to say that my Jamberry income paid our rent entirely each month after we moved, and truly bridged the gap for us until I found a new day job.

Are you considering signing up?  Here’s my advice.

  1. Don’t be afraid to take the risk…because it’s just not very risky.   In my experience, every girl on my team who has given it the effort has earned back off her starter kit ($99) in one month or less. One $400 party pays for it, plus some.  For most, that’s their launch party.  This is a low risk investment with the potential for a very high reward.

  2.  Jamberry is fantastic for stay-at-home moms, anyone already in the beauty industry (especially nail techs), or as a very flexible second job.  That’s the way I do it, actually, because I work full-time at a content marketing firm in Missouri.

  3.  If you’re a Jamberry addict and think you’ll spend more than $100 on Jamberry in the next year, sign up and join as a hobbyist.  That means you get the 30% discount on all your purchases, and you get everything in the starter kit.  Click here for the complete list.


If you are looking for a sponsor, you can join the Enjoying Jams team.  I (Jess) will personally train and encourage you as you start this business.  You won’t be alone!

There’s plenty more to talk about.  Comment below with questions, or if you’d like to connect, you can email me at enjoyingjams @ gmail dot com.

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