Why I Didn’t Leave Jamberry Nails: An Honest Response to Ooh-La-La Polish

First off, I want to say, it sounds like the gal who wrote Ooh-La-La Polish had a genuinely frustrating and at times unfair experience.  If I had received that kind of customer service, I probably would have jumped ship too.  But, as a Jamberry consultant of 7 months (I started in June 2014), I want to share my testimony, because those on my team and above me have had a dramatically different experiences than Kelly at Ooh-La La.

Fact #1 – Jamberry is a new company.

As I write this on January 31, 2015, Jamberry still has UNDER 100,000 consultants.  It’s a baby, baby company, and has come such a long way already!  To put that 100,000 number in perspective, Mary Kay, another very popular Direct Sales company, has over 3 MILLION consultants.

Did you know that 50% of new businesses fail in the first year?  From a business growth perspective, starting out something new and managing the unexpectedly exponential growth is something that is very tricky to handle.  This is the phase where companies sink or swim.  Now, it might seem like Jamberry should have no problem here, because of how popular it is, but think about it… If Jamberry over-invested for the growth, if they couldn’t sustain that investment, they could face bankruptcy, or out of business, leaving all us consultants hanging out on the line.  The other option (aside from magically knowing exactly how aggressively you will grow) is to under-invest, which they have at times, (its easy to do when you don’t realize how huge you will boom).  The result is some of the things Kelly experienced.  Or other things, such as slow shipping, inventory going out of stock, and not enough people doing customer service to keep up with demand.

Jamberry, in my experience, has always stuck to the conservative side, which mean we consultants do experience occasional bumps in the road from this under-investing.  But here’s the thing.  I’m GLAD this happens. Jamberry chooses this route so they can always be sustainable, and this is a good thing.  Did you know that Jamberry is a debt-free company, and always has been?  They started it out of their garage, printing the wraps themselves, and built this incredible nail wrap dynasty!  I’d much rather they manage their growth conservatively like they have than spend more than we consultants can sell, and then go out of business.  

Starting a business is tricky, and I think Jamberry is doing a great job adjusting to our insane love of this product.

Fact #2-  Jamberry always makes it right

If you’re already a Jamberry consultant, you’ve probably experienced an “under-investment” bump, and then been frustrated.  But you’ve also probably noticed that Jamberry always makes an effort to fix it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been given extra product credits as an “I’m sorry,” or been given a chance to put in an order the day after the month closed because the web servers were too slow the night before due to the ridiculous boom in traffic.

Jamberry always makes it right.  Maybe they weren’t established enough back in 2012 and 2013, the days of Kelly from Ooh-La-La Polish, to do this in a systematic way like they are now…but I would encourage you not to judge Jamberry by her review, but by the review of the 85,000+ consultants who are loving this company today. Something tells me that if Kelly had started her Jamberry career a year later than she did, she would have had a much different experience.  Jamberry was just surviving its first year as a direct sales company…and wow, they did it!  I’m bummed for Kelly that she had the experience she did, because it’s not what the rest of us are experiencing today.

Fact #3-  Jamberry is a more mature company today than they were in 2012 and 2013

See, Jamberry made its foray into Direct Sales in 2012, and Kelly was one of the first 5,000 consultants (this has been confirmed by numerous members of Jamberry’s Founders Club). To put that in perspective, in June of 2014 when I joined, I was in the first 30,000!  The current number is closer to 90,000 consultants. Of course Kelly experienced some of those early growing pains.  Don’t judge the company today by the growing pains of when it was 17 times smaller!

Thanks to their conservative beginning, Jamberry is growing at a sustainable pace, and will be around for the long-haul because of it. They are gaining experience, re-investing to improve their resources for consultants and customers, and by golly, Jamberry is doing a damn good job!

….So before you make a quick decision based on an isolated review from a year and a half ago…

Do your research.  Talk to current consultants, and find out about their experience.  I’m sure they will be happy to share! Ask them hard questions about the bumps in the road, and if Jamberry made it right.  Get to know your potential sponsor.  Make sure you are comfortable with her.

And THEN make your decision, based on Jamberry as it stands today.  Because the Jamberry I know ALWAYS makes it right.

I am here, and will answer any questions you have in the comments (regardless of who you plan to join with, because I want people to understand the truth about Jamberry), or you can email me at enjoyingjams@gmail.com.

Thanks for listening!

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10 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Leave Jamberry Nails: An Honest Response to Ooh-La-La Polish

  1. Tricia says:

    Thank you for sharing that perspective. I read the post that you are referring to and almost did not join. I am so glad I gave Jamberry a try though! I encourage everyone to join Jess’ team now, she seems like a knowledgable and strong leader!

  2. Nikki says:

    Love the post and thank you so much for sharing it! As a consultant with Jamberry, I too have experienced those bumps in the road but Ive seen how Jamberry has always reached out to make things right and really care about their consultants and customers. I love this company and your honesty about Jamberry. Thank you and Jam On, sister!

  3. Cheryl says:

    It’s a shame some people will base their decision on the opinion of one person that had a less than perfect experience. Thanks for your perspective and for sharing what an awesome company Jamberry is to work with !

  4. Cassi says:

    Great article, thanks for sharing. You always hear the bad but hardly anyone posts about all the good! I enjoyed your blog post! I’ll be sharing! :)

  5. Being KeLeigh says:

    I love this post.

    I had NEVER seen a negative review about Jamberry until I came across that post… RIGHT AFTER I signed up to be a consultant.

    Talk about a “omg did I just make a huge mistake?!” moment!

    I’m happy to report that I’m very happy that I became part of the Jamily :)

  6. Carol says:

    I read the same article I have been looking into becoming a jamberry consultant but was scared after reading the bad reviews, I’m still looking into jamberry my only question is can I sell it on my eBay store?

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