June 2015 Stylebox: One of Jamberry’s BEST

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It’s summer.  If Jamberry’s June Stylebox doesn’t get you in the mood for it, I don’t know what will.

The new stylebox is gorgeous.  You should love it with me.


First off…I need that bag.  Or clutch.  Whatever it is.

The aztec inspired wraps are cool, but the ones on the left are a must-have in my opinion.  Imagine them paired with whiteout

Uh… can I get me some of these glasses?

I need these.

Truly.  Dear Jamberry, please send me these glasses.

And then, if two exclusive wraps weren’t exciting enough, we get to channel our inner elementary schooler and wear some glittery golden tattoos.  
I may sound like I’m making fun of this, but I’m not.  Look how gorgeous they are.
So delicate.  And you know what? I hate wearing bracelets.  Because bracelets bump into everything and make typing (90% of what I do) harder.  This solves that!

This is just so, so elegant.

So… don’t miss out.  Contact me, or your consultant, so you don’t miss out on this gorgeous exclusive stylebox!

If you’re more of a DIY gal, sign up here.

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