Can I Use Lacquer Under Jamberry TruShine? (and other awesome questions)

Ever since Jamberry announced the impending release of their epic Jamberry TruShine Gel Enamel System, we consultants have had TONS of questions.  So here are some of them, and the answers I’ve been able to dig up!

Q.  How does it work over nail wraps?
A.  Really well… I’m wearing it over “Ripped from the Runway” right now!   Its so smooth and glossy and strong!  The tips are super happy, too.

Ripped from the Runway Matte + TruShine Base and Top Coat over it

Ripped from the Runway Matte + TruShine Base and Top Coat over it


My Elite Exec Emily Petty let us try on her Elite Exec Ring for our vision boards… this is the wrap I was wearing =)

Here’s how you apply TruShine over nail wraps…

  1.  Apply wraps as normal
  2.  Apply TruShine base coat and cure
  3.  Apply TruShine top coat and cure
  4.  Wipe off the residue!

Base coat and top coat stay together (unless you are applying gel…then you do base, color, top).  They need each other.  Never do gel base + lacquer + gel top.  Won’t work!

Q.  Is the light UV or LED, or both?
A.  I talked with a nail tech at JamCon about this.  She said that it is a LED light, but it does have a small amount of UV in it.  Its nothing compared to the UV lights at salons that hurt your skin.  She also said that Jamberry TruShine would cure just fine under a UV light, but the gels that UV salons use would not cure under a Jamberry LED light…to give you an idea of how gentle it is.

Q.  Can I wear lacquer under Jamberry TruShine?
A.  YES.  You actually can!!   So if you are on a budget, don’t worry about buying all the colors when they come out September 1st.

To pull it off,  you need to make sure your lacquer is dried completely before applying Jamberry TruShine, and then you apply TruShine base coat, cure, and then apply TruShine top coat, and then cure again.  Wipe with the nail cleanser and you are good to go!

Here’s a perfect example…

Gel over lacquer

Gel over lacquer

Q.  How long do I cure it?  How does that work?
A.  It actually self-times, for 45 seconds, and then shuts off!  You just press the button.

Q.  Do I need to cure more than once?
A.  If you did a really thick coat, maybe.  Until you wipe with the nail cleanser, your gels will have a residue, which is fine.  What you don’t want is gooey, easily dented gel.

Q.  What is in the remover pockets?
A.  Acetone + fragrance.  Sorry girls, no oil and floss removal this time around.

Any other questions?  Comment below and I’ll do my best to dig up the answers!

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7 thoughts on “Can I Use Lacquer Under Jamberry TruShine? (and other awesome questions)

  1. Ellen says:

    Do You polish your nails with lacquar on a clean nail?, then gel base, then gel top?
    What does it mean if I want to start a nail business, and I have to work under a rep?

    • Jess says:

      Hey Ellen! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you here. Yes, that’s exactly what you would do. And if you want to talk about starting a nail business lets talk. My email is enjoyingjams at gmail dot com!

    • Jess says:

      I wouldn’t recommend it – the base coat and top coat are meant to go together in order for it to set and cure correctly. You can, however, skip a color coat entirely and just use base and top! Hope that helps =)

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