Black Friday REMIX: Why You REALLY Don’t Want to Miss Jamberry’s Black Friday of 2015!

Jamberry is the modern woman’s baseball trading card.  It’s a collector’s item. (I know, because I am hoarding a heavy photo album of anxiously traded wraps from years ago). It’s safe to say the elusive search for the Jamberry unicorn is raging stronger than ever.

So that’s why its super special that Jamberry is bringing back the last 12 months of the Sister Style Exclusives!

The ones that I think you would be crazy to miss?  First Frost and Floral Oasis.  But go ahead and take a look at all of them (below) and let me know which ones you would be crazy to miss!

A few other details you should NOT miss…

  1.  If you order $50 or more, YOU GET AN EXCLUSIVE BLACK FRIDAY WRAP!!  See the pic below.


2.  If you order $75 or more, SHIPPING IS FREE!

3.  If you haven’t taken the (well worth it) plunge and treated yourself to a TRUSHINE gel kit, now is the time...because you can choose to have this gorgeous Black Friday exclusive color come with it!


4.   You don’t have to wait for Giving Tuesday to feel good about your purchase.  Jamberry is donating a portion of proceeds for each Black Friday product to Toys for Tots to provide holiday gifts for kiddos.  So lets make something beautiful together and enjoy expressing our own unique style in the process!


Ok.  Now its time to look at these gorgeous wraps that are coming back.


FIrst Frost. A consultant favorite. One of my favorites!


Floral Oasis. My personal favorite. I don’t even need to stock up because I bought way too many of these when they retired last year!


On the Fringe. So much fun having different accent nails in one mani!


SO PRETTY. Also. I need that purse.


Feeling nautical? There’s something charming and relaxing about this one!


I love the watercolor-ish look to this one! If you are feeling feminine but relaxed, this is your wrap. Also, think of all the colors you can pair with it. Very versatile!


I know this was released in summer but don’t you think it’d be fun for halloween? OR over a pretty lacquer!?


Le sigh. So pretty. May Flower.


Oh this one is tempting. Bellagio. Its just so pretty. I love the pattern. I want to pair it with white accent nails.


SPRING BREAK! I love how this wrap has a clear stripe to show your natural skin through, or to put a color under it! Have fun with it!!


Serendipity. Its a matte, and it goes on like butter and is SO much more subtle than I expected. I LOVE IT.


Who wouldn’t want to look cozy in the color of the year? This is Marsala Mittens. Its so pretty and wintery and on-trend!

Already have a consultant?  Then what the heck are you waiting for? Go chat with her (or him…)and craft your perfect Black Friday mani together!

BUT IF YOU DON’T…. I’d LOVE to be your Jamberry lady. I promise to be a lot of fun, to help you master your application (for both wraps and gel!) and would love to get to know you.  Click here to request to join my VIP club.

And, if nothing else, I have a terrifyingly cute dog you can follow on instagram:


Yes. He has his own insta. Deal with it.

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