July 2015 Stylebox: Obsessive Holographic Neon Goodness!

I’ve been waiting and waiting for the July 2015 stylebox to show up, and it finally appeared in my mailbox this morning!

I love it because…

  1.  Neon pink nail lacquer.  Anything neon is a MUST in my book, and I like having steamy affairs with lacquers between wrap applications.




Oh my word.  Prettiest thing ever.

I really am considering a second stylebox.  Because I never actually wear my wraps… I hoard them instead.  So if I buy a second subscription, I can use one for wearing and one for hoarding.

…it makes sense to me.

You’ve got until the 15th to qualify for this month’s stylebox.  Order here.  

Every person that orders a 6 month stylebox subscription through my blog gets a free sheet of wraps + $15 Jamberry bucks as a bonus.  Go ahead and place your order, and I’ll email you to hook you up!

June 2015 Stylebox: One of Jamberry’s BEST

… #makeasplash

It’s summer.  If Jamberry’s June Stylebox doesn’t get you in the mood for it, I don’t know what will.

The new stylebox is gorgeous.  You should love it with me.


First off…I need that bag.  Or clutch.  Whatever it is.

The aztec inspired wraps are cool, but the ones on the left are a must-have in my opinion.  Imagine them paired with whiteout

Uh… can I get me some of these glasses?

I need these.

Truly.  Dear Jamberry, please send me these glasses.

And then, if two exclusive wraps weren’t exciting enough, we get to channel our inner elementary schooler and wear some glittery golden tattoos.  
I may sound like I’m making fun of this, but I’m not.  Look how gorgeous they are.
So delicate.  And you know what? I hate wearing bracelets.  Because bracelets bump into everything and make typing (90% of what I do) harder.  This solves that!

This is just so, so elegant.

So… don’t miss out.  Contact me, or your consultant, so you don’t miss out on this gorgeous exclusive stylebox!

If you’re more of a DIY gal, sign up here.

I Tried the Marie Kondo Tidying Method!

Jamberry Nail wraps are great, but having tidy living space makes me feel like I’m winning at life.

And on the other hand, nothing dampens my mood, creativity, and (lets be real) my ability to be a nice person, faster than living in chaos.  Just ask my husband… when the counters and table surfaces are covered in junk for too long, I am noticeably less charitable.

So last weekend I tried something gutsy.  In an effort to win at life, I tried the Marie Kondo tidying method.  Ever heard of it?  Marie Kondo is a Japanese tidying consultant who boasts a 3 month wait list of people waiting for her help.  Because of the high demand, she wrote a book, which quickly became a best-seller.  Her method is pretty extreme, but magnetic as well.  She only wants you to keep items that ‘spark joy’ for you.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Throw all your clothes on the floor (all of them).   
With vigor, I took all of my clothes and threw them on the ground in the living room.  When I say all, I mean ALL.  She says you can’t leave anything out.  Old prom dresses.  Jackets.  Honeymoon lingerie. Pants, shirts, dresses, etc.

All of my clothes.

Be amazed.  You never know how much you own until you throw it all on the floor.

Step 2:  Pick up each item of clothing individually and ask yourself, “does this item spark joy”?  If it doesn’t, discard it.
This is when the feeling of ‘overwhelmed’ entered the scene.  I just made a huge mess.  Did I have the energy to even put all this back up, if I abandoned ship?  Throwing it all the ground was the easy part.  So, I coped by sitting on the couch and surfing the web, which made this little project last hours longer than it should have.  However, I bet this overwhelmed paralysis is normal, so if you are going to try it,  budget in 2-3 extra hours for procrastination.

What does it even mean for pants to spark joy?  It started getting easy when I could bounce ideas off my husband.

“Wes, I like these pants, but they stress me out because they fade blue ink onto my hands throughout the day”

“Jess.  You just said they stress you out.  That’s not joy, toss them out.”

“Oh.  Right.”

Soon enough, I was on a roll, tossing things out, and sorting them into discard piles.  If it was worn and old, it went to goodwill.  If it was a non-joy-sparking but brand name item, I put it in a separate pile, to send to Thredup or Twice, two of my favorite second-hand online shops.  May as well get paid to declutter! (…by the way, by clicking either of those links, you get free store credit to treat yourself…)

After a few hours, here is what I had chosen to throw out.

the joyless clothes

the joyless clothes

Some of these things were actually quite sentimental. See the navy dress with light blue piping? I graduated from 8th grade in that thing.  Would I fit into it today? No way.

So instead of hanging onto it like I have been doing for the past 12+ years, I gave it a hug, and I thanked it for its service to me.  I know that sounds super weird, but Marie Kondo says we should thank our clothes and then let them go.  For some reason, personifying them like that gave me a great peace and made letting go of them feel ridiculously freeing.

Step 3: Fold and put your clothes away.  But be super fancy about it.
Fancy folding?  Well…before I explain, look at my new workout drawer.

my kondo style workout drawer

my kondo style workout drawer

Doesn’t that make you wanna work out?

Here’s the gig.  She wants you to fold your clothes so they can stand upright in your drawers, thus enabling you to see all of your joy-sparking clothes at once.

pajamas and workout drawer

pajamas and workout drawer

Now that I’ve done this for a week, I am absolutely sold on it.

So how do you do it?  This video shows Marie Kondo herself folding an underwear drawer.  I would never attempt to write out instructions for this when you can watch her do it.

The Result?
I feel excited to get dressed each morning, because all my options are life-giving, and they are neatly organized in a way I can quickly select.  I only have what I want and need, and there is no clutter bogging me down.  It feels refreshing and energizing.  Now I want to do this to the rest of my home, which … I think I will!

You should give it a try.  (Snag a copy from Amazon here).


Why I Didn’t Leave Jamberry Nails: An Honest Response to Ooh-La-La Polish

First off, I want to say, it sounds like the gal who wrote Ooh-La-La Polish had a genuinely frustrating and at times unfair experience.  If I had received that kind of customer service, I probably would have jumped ship too.  But, as a Jamberry consultant of 7 months (I started in June 2014), I want to share my testimony, because those on my team and above me have had a dramatically different experiences than Kelly at Ooh-La La.

Fact #1 – Jamberry is a new company.

As I write this on January 31, 2015, Jamberry still has UNDER 100,000 consultants.  It’s a baby, baby company, and has come such a long way already!  To put that 100,000 number in perspective, Mary Kay, another very popular Direct Sales company, has over 3 MILLION consultants.

Did you know that 50% of new businesses fail in the first year?  From a business growth perspective, starting out something new and managing the unexpectedly exponential growth is something that is very tricky to handle.  This is the phase where companies sink or swim.  Now, it might seem like Jamberry should have no problem here, because of how popular it is, but think about it… If Jamberry over-invested for the growth, if they couldn’t sustain that investment, they could face bankruptcy, or out of business, leaving all us consultants hanging out on the line.  The other option (aside from magically knowing exactly how aggressively you will grow) is to under-invest, which they have at times, (its easy to do when you don’t realize how huge you will boom).  The result is some of the things Kelly experienced.  Or other things, such as slow shipping, inventory going out of stock, and not enough people doing customer service to keep up with demand.

Jamberry, in my experience, has always stuck to the conservative side, which mean we consultants do experience occasional bumps in the road from this under-investing.  But here’s the thing.  I’m GLAD this happens. Jamberry chooses this route so they can always be sustainable, and this is a good thing.  Did you know that Jamberry is a debt-free company, and always has been?  They started it out of their garage, printing the wraps themselves, and built this incredible nail wrap dynasty!  I’d much rather they manage their growth conservatively like they have than spend more than we consultants can sell, and then go out of business.  

Starting a business is tricky, and I think Jamberry is doing a great job adjusting to our insane love of this product.

Fact #2-  Jamberry always makes it right

If you’re already a Jamberry consultant, you’ve probably experienced an “under-investment” bump, and then been frustrated.  But you’ve also probably noticed that Jamberry always makes an effort to fix it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been given extra product credits as an “I’m sorry,” or been given a chance to put in an order the day after the month closed because the web servers were too slow the night before due to the ridiculous boom in traffic.

Jamberry always makes it right.  Maybe they weren’t established enough back in 2012 and 2013, the days of Kelly from Ooh-La-La Polish, to do this in a systematic way like they are now…but I would encourage you not to judge Jamberry by her review, but by the review of the 85,000+ consultants who are loving this company today. Something tells me that if Kelly had started her Jamberry career a year later than she did, she would have had a much different experience.  Jamberry was just surviving its first year as a direct sales company…and wow, they did it!  I’m bummed for Kelly that she had the experience she did, because it’s not what the rest of us are experiencing today.

Fact #3-  Jamberry is a more mature company today than they were in 2012 and 2013

See, Jamberry made its foray into Direct Sales in 2012, and Kelly was one of the first 5,000 consultants (this has been confirmed by numerous members of Jamberry’s Founders Club). To put that in perspective, in June of 2014 when I joined, I was in the first 30,000!  The current number is closer to 90,000 consultants. Of course Kelly experienced some of those early growing pains.  Don’t judge the company today by the growing pains of when it was 17 times smaller!

Thanks to their conservative beginning, Jamberry is growing at a sustainable pace, and will be around for the long-haul because of it. They are gaining experience, re-investing to improve their resources for consultants and customers, and by golly, Jamberry is doing a damn good job!

….So before you make a quick decision based on an isolated review from a year and a half ago…

Do your research.  Talk to current consultants, and find out about their experience.  I’m sure they will be happy to share! Ask them hard questions about the bumps in the road, and if Jamberry made it right.  Get to know your potential sponsor.  Make sure you are comfortable with her.

And THEN make your decision, based on Jamberry as it stands today.  Because the Jamberry I know ALWAYS makes it right.

I am here, and will answer any questions you have in the comments (regardless of who you plan to join with, because I want people to understand the truth about Jamberry), or you can email me at enjoyingjams@gmail.com.

Thanks for listening!

Looking to join Jamberry?  Fill out this form and I’ll be in touch with you.

How Much Do Jamberry Nail Wraps Cost? ….And How Can I Get Them for Free?

If you’re a Jamberry regular, you know this already, but if you’re new to the Jamberry world, you are probably wondering how much Jamberry nail wraps cost, and what they are worth to you.

The Basics: How Much Do Jamberry Nail Wraps Cost?

Good news.  Jamberry Nail Wraps are very affordable, because you can get a whole sheet for only $15.


But Jess, what comes in a full sheet?  Well, enough to do your fingers and toes, TWICE.  Its enough wraps two manicures, and two pedicures, on average, per sheet, which is around $4/application.  Plus, you’ll have some accent nails leftover, which is always fun.

Are There Any Jamberry Discounts?

YES!  If you purchase 3 sheets, you get the 4th for free!  That’s 16 applications (8 manicures and 8 pedicures) for $45, which is probably what you’d pay if you went to the salon and asked for a mani/pedi.


And don’t forget, they last up to 2 weeks.  Have you ever had a salon manicure do that? …didn’t think so.

 You can buy some here, and choose “ENJOYING JAMS BLOG” at checkout.  I’ve been known to send free goodies to those who purchase from my blog, so keep an eye out on the mail!

Tempting, but I’m on a Budget…

That’s ok, my frugal friend!  Host a Facebook party (by the way, my crazy frugalness is why I signed up for Jamberry… I wanted them at a discount, and then it occurred to me how much moolah I could make selling them)!

Facebook Party?  What’s that?

First, you and I become Facebook friends =).  I’ll create a Facebook group, and post about Jamberry for a week.  You invite your Facebook friends, and take 10 minutes each day to comment, to like posts, and tag your friends to help them engage with the material.

When they buy the product (which they usually do), YOU WIN FREE NAIL WRAPS.

Free Nail Wraps??

Yep!  Those are called your Hostess Rewards, and you can click here to see a chart that explains what and how much you can get. It’s pretty easy to earn that first free sheet, and for very successful parties, you can walk away with a lot of loot. =)

This is a fun, low-time commitment way to earn lots of free Jamberry.  Contact me at enjoyingjams@gmail.com and let me know you’d like to do one (or with further questions), or you can sign up for one by clicking here.

Hope this helps!  If you have any questions, comment below, and subscribe to this blog to keep learning more!

Who Needs a Jamberry Coupon Code: All About the Jamberry Discount and Jamberry Pay

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re surrounded by Jamberry consultants.  You’re invited to Jamberry parties on Facebook 2-3 times a week, you’ve had friends private message you and hit you up to host parties, or ask if they can send you samples (which you tried and loved, I’m sure).  And then you wondered, “how much do they really make?!”


Maybe you’re considering signing up, but want to do your research first.   I don’t blame you… I sure did my research.  Or, maybe you’re just looking for a way to get a really awesome discount on Jamberry!  If that’s the case, click here! 

So in this blog post, I’m going to explain behind the scenes compensation details of being a Jamberry consultant, and some of the perks!

The Jamberry Discount

So how much is it?  The answer depends on how much you sell, but it never, ever goes below 30% of sales.  

That’s your base commission, and its guaranteed as long as you are a consultant. For example, in some direct sales businesses, there is a minimum quarterly purchase you must make to keep your discount.  That’s not the case with Jamberry – you can order at 30% off whenever you want.  The only requirement is that you sell $600 a year to stay a consultant (which is easy peasy).

Jamberry Discount, Jamberry Consultant Pay

BUT WAIT, Jess… you said it never goes below 30%.  Can it increase?

Why yes, it can!  The more you sell, the higher your commission. Once you sell $200 in a month, you are getting 33% instead of 30%.  Once you sell $500 in a month, you get 35% instead of 30% that month.  If you break $1500, it jumps to 38% commission, and if you bump up to $3000 (whoa baby!) you get 40% commission on that amount.

So really, the Jamberry Discount and Commission is usually higher than 30%, if the consultant is selling much at all.

Jamberry Pay

The Jamberry compensation plan goes much further than just the Jamberry discount.  Consultants earn more money when:

  1.  They promote to a new rank

  2.  Team members promote to certain ranks

  3.  Team members sell

That is a very basic explanation, and if you’d like to find out more, you can read the compensation plan, or email me at enjoying jams at gmail dot com (or comment below).  I’ll answer all your questions.

My Opinion

From my experience, it is possible to make money with Jamberry that is worth the effort you put in.  I started as a Jamberry consultant in June of 2014, and two months later moved with my husband from Orange County, CA to Columbia, Missouri so he could get his PhD in Philosophy.  This meant quitting my day job.  I’m so blessed to say that my Jamberry income paid our rent entirely each month after we moved, and truly bridged the gap for us until I found a new day job.

Are you considering signing up?  Here’s my advice.

  1. Don’t be afraid to take the risk…because it’s just not very risky.   In my experience, every girl on my team who has given it the effort has earned back off her starter kit ($99) in one month or less. One $400 party pays for it, plus some.  For most, that’s their launch party.  This is a low risk investment with the potential for a very high reward.

  2.  Jamberry is fantastic for stay-at-home moms, anyone already in the beauty industry (especially nail techs), or as a very flexible second job.  That’s the way I do it, actually, because I work full-time at a content marketing firm in Missouri.

  3.  If you’re a Jamberry addict and think you’ll spend more than $100 on Jamberry in the next year, sign up and join as a hobbyist.  That means you get the 30% discount on all your purchases, and you get everything in the starter kit.  Click here for the complete list.


If you are looking for a sponsor, you can join the Enjoying Jams team.  I (Jess) will personally train and encourage you as you start this business.  You won’t be alone!

There’s plenty more to talk about.  Comment below with questions, or if you’d like to connect, you can email me at enjoyingjams @ gmail dot com.

Jamberry Stylebox: Finally Worth the Money.

Jamberry Nails finally convinced me that I need to sign up for Stylebox.  I had been holding out since they released the program in August, and I actually started regretting that I didn’t own those wraps each month.  As a result, I started trading wraps from my precious stash to get my hands on these style box wraps.  In December, I caved and bought myself a 6 month subscription.

November’s stylebox was the one that caught my attention.  Vintage Vixen.  1920’s.  Half Moon.  Red and blush.  Twiggy.


Because I don’t have pics of my own to share (sniff sniff), look at this fellow Jamberry blogger’s photos!

vintage vixen 1 vintage vixen 2

Wait, have you heard of Stylebox?  It’s Jamberry’s subscription program.  You sign up, and every month they send you $30+ worth of nail stuff for $25 or less, shipped.  There is always at least one exclusive wrap, and it seems to get better and better and better every month.  That’s why I finally signed up.  I started regretting not having it!

When December’s came out, I was rendered helpless and signed up on the spot.  It was a copper lacquer paired with a black-on-clear patterned wrap.

I don’t want to hurt you and make you regret the past, but here’s what you missed…


This month, it got even better, because it features 2 CUSTOM WRAPS AND LIPSTICK.  (What?  Lipstick?  I thought they just sold nail wraps… ) Well, you heard me!  Jamberry lipstick.  Just accept it, because its great stuff.  I know because I’m wearing it, right now, as I sit on my couch wearing wool socks and a fleece-lined flannel next to my handsome husband as we binge on ice cream before we start a whole 30 tomorrow…but that’s another story.

Here’s the video that explains this month’s stylebox! 

Like I said, really cute.

Here’s a closer look.


I love the ombre sparkle.  Tons.  And the “There’s More” pattern can be worn SO many different ways, as you see in the video.  Did you watch the video?  Watch the video!!

Here’s the lipstick.  Before and after…and during.

O U R   E S C A P E

And finally, my favorite part?

THE OMBRE MATCHES ROSE GOLD SPARKLE. I know, because I’m wearing it in this photo.


So, that’s all I know about the Stylebox.  If you’re on the fence, I think its safe to go for it now.  It’s been consistently amazing for 3 months now.  And so many other people want the wraps, you can always trade them away.  They become collectors items almost immediately.  Plus, the value for the price?  $25/mo gets you $30+ of nail products with free shipping.  And if you buy it using my special promotion you can get a few extra sheets of wraps, just because I’m grateful for you.

Any questions?  Shoot me an email at enjoyingjams at gmail dot com, or comment below.  I’ll be around =D

Chic in Pink

As always, if you already have a consultant, please buy from her.  But if you’re looking, I’d be so honored to be your girl!  Shoot me a message and let’s get this Jamberry fun started.