It’s love at “First Frost!” A love affair with Jamberry’s December Sister Style Exclusive

Its love at First Frost!

Yea, yea… cheesy.  But LOOK!


Doesn’t that make you want to go play in the snow?  Its one of Jamberry’s “Sister Style Exclusive” wraps, which are released monthly and retired monthly.  This one is available until January first, and then gone forever!

Here’s what Jamberry says about it…

This delicate, feminine design features a soft blush sparkle base with a white crystal-like overlay. All that glitz and glam will have you feeling grateful ‘tis the season for Jack Frost to start nipping at your nose. 

I love how it fits the feel of the holidays, but isn’t specific to the holidays.  This could be worn all through winter, and would be gorgeous for New Years!  Bring on 2015!

Here’s a look at the website image.  This is another one of those situations where the image does not do the wraps on hands justice!


Here’s a full sheet


I can’t wait to try this on!  You can find it here!

As always, if you already have a consultant, please purchase from her.  If not, I’m your girl!
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Basking in a Floral Oasis. My new favorite Jamberry Nail Wrap!

Hey friends!  I know I just posted yesterday, but I needed to make sure this got out before the end of November. I have a new favorite wrap, and because its a Sister Style Exclusive, its only available this month.  

I bring you….Floral Oasis.

Subtle.  Feminine.  But not too girly or precious.  


I love that its a gray background.  For those who are picky about their grays like I am, its a purple-toned gray, not a green-toned gray.  I find that purple-toned grays go much better with my skin and feel quite a bit warmer, at least in my home decor!


Its the perfect wrap to wear if you want something interesting on your fingers without being flashy.


The only problem? It retires December 1st.  So I’m going to buy 3 sets of these, because for me at least, they will be a major unicorn soon.


What do you think, would you wear it?

(You can find it here.)

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